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We should set a framework for understanding our modern heritage in Asia.

The first step is "Understanding Heritage."
This refers to a comprehensive survey of modern heritage to be conducted in each city. The purpose is to establish a quantitative and inclusive grasp of the city's built heritages, which will be the basic material for "Understanding Heritage."

The second step is "Inspiring Heritage."
This step prepares for a possible future revitalization of the heritage. Publishing a book on traditional and local technique of wooden architecture can be one example. If such a book would be published, it would help create the techniques that are suitable to the region and useful for the affordable restoration of old wooden houses. It could be also a chance to inform the inhabitants of their own heritage. (Such heritage does not only include the houses themselves, but also intangible heritage such as their methods of construction.) We have to deal with many obstacles--political, economic, historical, and technological--in order to revitalize a building and a city as a whole. But this step is necessary in order for us to move from the "Understanding Heritage" step to the "Revitalizing Heritage" step.

The third step is "Revitalizing Heritage."
It is not until this step that we should plan actual conservation or renovation. Past efforts to reach this step were taken by at least one talented architect, but the process and method of revitalization have not so far been shared through a network. We should open up these processes to everyone.