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Final Step: "Returning Benefits to society"?

A. Classifying data

After the field survey, it is necessary to classify data. In the Medan survey, we classified it by using the criteria presented in section 2.2.1.

At first, we collected data on many buildings that satisfied the criteria.
As presented below, we made seven big categories.

How did we classify? For example, please look at "Modernization of the Vernacular Architecture"

Category 1: Malay houses. We found some modernized Malay houses. These houses satisfy the criteria of "Regional value" and "Modernization value." They satisfy the first criteria because they are found along the coast of the Strait of Malacca. Instead of traditional roofs with palm leaves, they have roofs covered by industrial tiles. They don't satisfy the "Stock value" criteria because they don't widely exist in Medan. At the conclusion, however, by taking every factor into consideration, we regarded Malay houses as a very important manifested case of modernization of the vernacular architecture.

Category 2: Shophouses. Shophouses satisfy the criteria of "Regional value," "Integration value" (because shophouses can constitute a street and a block by themselves), "Stock value," and "Modernization value" (because the origin of the shophouse as a building type has its roots in the modern period). But they don't satisfy "Rareness value." Taking every factor into consideration, we regarded shophouses to be very important as well.

Because of these cases, we created the categories under "Modernization of the Vernacular Architecture" in our final survey result.

B. Selection of important examples. After classifying data into categories such as presented above, we needed to select typical examples for each category. As a whole, from 100 to 200 buildings would be enough to represent the city's built heritage. In the case of Medan, we collected over 600 datasheets and we selected 150 buildings at the end.

C. If there are streets or areas that have many examples of a certain building type (listed in the classification), we should regard them as an "important heritage area" and record it as such in the database. In the Medan survey, we selected about 20 such areas. For example "Jenkey house" area is cited as a typical heritage area. Jenkey houses are a type of residential building that shows some influence of American house from the 1950s. Such houses represented the American economic and cultural influence in Indonesia. We can see many Jenkey houses in some specific areas in Medan.