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Second Step: "Comprehensive field survey" of urban heritages

In the field, surveyors have to walk all of the streets in a given survey area. And, they have to do as follows.

A. Gather data
B. Record data
C. Plot building points
D. Complete the datasheet

Basically one team consists of two persons. One person enters the information in the datasheet (as detailed as possible) and marks the building's location and building's number on the survey map. The other person takes many photos of the buildings. One should also take photos not only of the facade of the building but also of the inside of the building, building site, and details. Then the evaluation should be made based on the following; architectural evaluation and the condition of preservation. There are five levels from A to E. As for condition of preservation, if the building is crumbling, the evaluation will be bad. And if it had been renovated and is too different from the original state, its evaluation would be bad too.

E. At the end of a day's field work, meeting should be held daily. During this meeting, each team presents its results to share with other teams.

F. Appealing to the citizens. For example, in the Medan survey, we presented the result of our survey right after its completion to the city officials at the city hall. The press also attended the presentation.